Tree Removal San Diego


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Tree Removal San Diego services include tree removal, site clearing, lot clearing, stump grinding, and proper pruning and trimming of trees. Services begin with a free consultation. Once you have agreed to the quoted price, we'll schedule to complete the services (usually within 48 to 72 hours).

With precision and efficiency, your landscape will become brighter and clearer by the hour. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are also times when a tree is in severely declining health, or has actually died, and it becomes imperative for the other trees in the area that the diseased tree be taken down and removed. Other times, trees must be removed to make way for new construction.

Tree Removal San Diego is known for its masterful techniques in successfully removing trees of all sizes that are located in difficult surroundings. Houses, buildings, fences, and other infrastructures are carefully considered and incorporated into the tree removal plan.

Before we can begin cutting, there are some safety issues that we must take into consideration. These include:

• The weight and the size of the tree's limbs

 • How close the tree is to power lines, your home, other buildings, or other tree

 • How accessible the tree is, in case we need to bring in the heavy equipment.

Once all measures of safety have been set into place, our technicians will begin cutting and the tree will be removed.


Upon completion of removing the tree, we will remove all brush and run the limbs through a powerful chipper. Oversized pieces of the trunk will be removed and hauled off.

Our finishing touch will include a thorough raking and the appearance of a cleaner yard than before we started. At Tree Removal San Diego, the health and livelihood of your trees is one of our top priorities. Stump Removal Stump grinder

If the stump is aesthetically displeasing we can also grind it below grade. In certain situations we recommend stump grinding to prevent the tree from growing back.

Stumps of any size can be removed by utilizing a stump-grinder. Stumps are ground 3-4 inches below grade with grindings being either neatly raked back into the "hole" or removed.

Our state of the art compact stump grinder can maneuver through even the tightest positions to remove a stump from a minimum of ten inches below the soil surface. Our stump grinder is environmentally friendly and precise.

After the stump is removed, you won't know it was ever there in the first place! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please us today at 619-366-6474

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